How to get clients as a new lash artist.

So you just took your dream lash course and you are ready to start lashing. I know the feeling! After I got certified I could not wait to give someone's eyes the lashes that they deserve. I'm sure you have been told to "start with models" or "practice before you charge people." Well it's true you should start with models. Invite some of the women in your life to come get their lashes done. This could be your mom, your sister, your cousin, the lady that lives above you or even the girl next door. You could even make a post on facebook to get models. Don't forget to take pictures of every lash set you do! You don't need any fancy cameras or lighting. You just need natural light and a phone with a camera. 

Lets say you have practiced on everyone including your neighbor with the 7 cats and your saying, "Ok Kristin now what? I feel like I need more practice but I have practiced on every lady in my life, Who is next?" And to that I say your dad or even your boyfriend. Get creative! And take pictures! even if you think the set is not that great! You need the pictures especially so you can see your progress.

Now you got your practice in and you are ready to start taking new clients but you don't know where to find them. The best way to reach new people is social media. Post those photos baby! Be proud of your work. Tell your followers what kind of set you did, what length lashes, even the brand of lashes you are using. Make sure you are tagging your location and using hashtags that are local to your area. Here are some examples of hashtags I use. #Arizonalashes #Mesalashes #Gilbertlashes #Mesaeyelashes #Gilbertvolumelashes #Arizonalashartist #Gilbertlashartist.

When you are coming up with hashtags think of cities around your area. Make sure you are using all 30 hashtags so that more people can see your posts. Another great way to reach people is to tag a local park or an area that people go to a lot as your location.

Lets say your working on the gram and its going great but you want to do more! Look up local salons in your area and go pass out your business cards to the girls that work there. Offer a discount for their first set with you then give them money off their next appointment when one of their clients come to you!. A referral program is a great thing to have in place! A referral program allows your clients to get a discount and gives you more exposure to new clients!      

I hope these ideas help you get new clients or just inspire you to do more than you were before! Thank you guys so much for reading. I will talk to you soon!