Whiplash Eyelash Extensions Kit

Whiplash Eyelash Extensions Kit

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In our lash kit, you will receive 4 lash trays our adhesive, and a Tweezer Pleaser

Eyelash Extensions: .07 D Curl mixed tray, .05 D curl mixed tray, .15 D curl mixed tray and .15 C curl mixed tray. (Mixed Tray Sizes are 9-15mm)

Stuck On You Lash Adhesive: 

Dry time: 1 sec

Humidity: 20-70%

Temperature: 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Retention: 2-6 weeks 

Shake side to side or with a glue shaker for one minute to ensure the best bond. Puncture the top of the glue nozzle and apply one drop to glue ring or tile of your choice. Change adhesive dot every 15 mins.

The Tweezer Pleaser: Do you ever fear dropping your favorite tweezers? Does your heart skip a beat when your tweezers fall out of your hand thinking this is the end for your tweezers? The Tweezer Pleaser is your tweezer's new best friend! Attach The Tweezer Please to the end of your tweezers, slip it on your wrist and never worry again! The Tweezer Pleaser fits tight on the end of your tweezers so when they do bungee jump out of your hands they never hit the floor! Bent tweezers are a thing of the past.